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Hospital Services

Is your hospital:

  • Tired of changing Emergency Department Contract Management Groups?
  • Determined to secure the services of a stable, committed group of Emergency Physicians whose foremost priority will be the treatment of your patients and support of your Medical Staff?
  • Unsure about how to establish an emergency physician group owned by the local physicians that will have access to cutting edge management tools and resources?

The solutions to these problems can be found on this web site and by calling Jeff Gruber, Sr. Vice President, PSR at 1-724-625-7266. Let PSR show you how we have helped hospitals and Emergency Physicians throughout the country achieve their goals of reliable and cost effective Emergency Department operations and staffing.

Founded in 1985, PSR in the only practice management organization for independent and hospital employed emergency physician groups with a proven track record of success in the organization and operation of Independent Emergency Medicine Practices. We have helped other hospitals that were experiencing a variety of disappointments with the established, traditional contract managers. But most of all, we have helped hospitals that were tired of making changes that resulted in little more than revisions to the names on the contract.

When you are ready to make the right change, PSR is ready to assist you. When we are done, your hospital will have its own Emergency Medicine Practice that will make your institution its first priority. It is not too good to be true. We have the references to prove it.

Still skeptical? Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to review the other areas of this section of the web site and then make one telephone call. Besides, think of the time you will save by not having to make any future changes in your Emergency Department Contract Service.

Hospital Services - support offered to hospitals, including the following assistance:

  • Program Review & Assesment - our method of measuring perceptions of performance, the first step in determining what a hospital has and what it needs.
  • Independent Physician Group Formation - our exclusive contract staffing alternative that allows hospitals to deal directly with an independent group created to deliver exclusive services.
  • Physician Recruitment - the dedicated search and placement of physicians meeting the institution's expectations for training, experience, attitude, and personality.
  • Dispute Resolution - assist in working through complex issues that may have reached an impasse with your current Independent Emergency Physician Group and provide the resources going forward to assist them in operating their practice at higher levels of operational and financial efficiency.

Many hospitals are faced with a dilemma: their existing group lacks the resources necessary to succeed in today’s complex marketplace, yet the option of hiring a regional or national contract management group is not appealing. PSR offers an enhanced alternative to both the local group lacking adequate infrastructure and the multi-hospital emergency physician contract vendor whose interests may not align completely with those of the hospital and emergency physicians. Under our model, 100 percent of practice ownership remains with the emergency physician group, or under the hospital employed model, with the hospital. We are a group of highly experienced emergency management business professionals with a mission of making independent practices maximally successful. We bring independent and hospital-employed groups state-of-the-art practice management tools and expertise. You get the strong commitment of a local emergency physician group – backed by the resources of the national’s most innovative emergency physician practice management support organization. Local practice ownership – Professional management – A winning combination!