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Under PSR's business model, the local emergency physicians retain 100 percent ownership of the practice. We work for you, not the other way around.

For the infrastructure requirements of the Independent Emergency Physician Practice, PSR is the answer. Their management team consists of knowledgeable experts in all matters pertinent to our business, with experience and perspective that only comes with years of interaction with real emergency physicians in a variety of practice venues. A real competitive edge for our practice

Larry J Baker DO, FACEP - President
Health System Emergency Physicians, PC
Des Moines, Iowa

PSR continues to provide excellent support to our ED group, be it with scheduling, negotiating with health insurance companies, human resources support, data analysis, getting the best malpractice coverage, and more. All the things that let physicians focus on what we do best....taking care of patients. We foresee a long-term relationship with PSR as fundamental to the ability of our group to thrive.

Bill Morris, MD FAAEM - Medical Director
West Sound Emergency Physicians, PLLC
Bremerton, Washington

Our group used three different billing and coding companies in six years. PSR brings a level of oversight to this critical area that we like to refer to as the “Consumer Reports” of the billing and coding industry. Their nationwide insight into best practices and pricing has generated us more revenue than the cost of our entire contract with PSR. Everyone wants to be a member of a democratic group, but most physician groups don’t have the resources to make it work in today’s competitive environment. PSR gives us the data, management tools and resources to make our group a success!

Rob Higgins, MD, FACEP - President
Northside Emergency Associates
Atlanta, Georgia

I’m often times asked by colleagues why we engage PSR for practice management services instead of doing it ourselves or hiring an MBA. I tell them a significant part of PSR’s value is our access to their management team. PSR’s management team understands the business of emergency medicine in areas like incentive compensation, information technology, human resources, accounting and governance like nobody else out there. We certainly couldn’t afford this level of expertise in-house, and frankly, would not be able to achieve the success our practice enjoys without it.

Robert Rothstein, MD - President
Bethesda Emergency Physicians
Bethesda, Maryland