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PSR Distinction

Under PSR's business model, the local emergency physicians retain 100 percent ownership of the practice. We work for you, not the other way around.

PSR was founded on three fundamental premises:

  • Working Emergency Physicians are best qualified to be the owners/operators of practices that staff Emergency Departments
  • Hospitals' need for stable, reliable and responsive Emergency Department Physician Staffing is best achieved by their contracting with local, Independent Emergency Practices owned and operated by working Emergency Physicians
  • To best meet the needs of their client hospitals, emergency physician groups need to invest in practice infrastructure tools and resources specifically designed for emergency physician groups

Independent Emergency Physician Groups and their client hospitals benefit from the expertise and organizational skills that, historically, only the contract management companies have possessed. Therefore, our mission is to provide the expertise and support that Emergency Department Physicians and Emergency Practices need to meet the expectations of their patients and client hospitals.

PSR does not have a "one size fits all" approach to servicing its clients. We believe that our services should be designed around your needs. For this reason, our selection of offerings is diverse. Moreover, we are committed to structuring our services so that they contribute to your organization's success in delivering quality care, fiscal responsibility, and patient satisfaction.

PSR was founded in 1985. It brought together more than 50 years of collective healthcare experience among three founding principals. Today our management team possesses nearly two hundred years of experience in Emergency Medicine Practice Management. Experience in physician and allied personnel staffing, including more than a decade working with two of the nation's largest providers of contract Emergency Department services, represents the bulk of that experience.

Due to our visionary commitment to supporting the Independent Emergency Physician Group model, our reputation and business grew steadily as the word spread that PSR provided hospitals and emergency physician groups a viable alternative to contract management groups that many thought was their only option for emergency physician staffing and management services. Our reputation continues to grow as both administrators and physicians enthusiastically respond to the PSR philosophy. Our goal is to create win-win solutions for both hospitals and physicians.